In Russia shilajit is called as Mumiyo

anti-aging-supplements In Russia shilajit is called as Mumiyo

Shilajit is now fast becoming as the number one energy and life extension supplement.                Those who take shilajit experience varied benefits. Most feel increased in energy and stamina. They feel the stress levels coming down and they hardly have any difficulty in getting deep peaceful sleep and wake up being fully charged with energy.  Most feel a strong immunity to diseases with shilajit. Incidentally a leading Medical Research Centre established under the guidance of by Louis Pasteur in India has conclusively proven that Shilajit in combination with another herb is a effective treatment for HIV positive patients. This combination has been found to be more effective than the anti retroviral drugs used today to treat HIV patients. If such a potent infectious disease can be managed with shilajit one can very well imagine the level of immunity that shilajit can help build.

Ayurvedic medicine is much older than Chinese medicine. They have known about shilajit since thousands of years. Now shilajit is the number one energy medicine in the world. Shilajit’s power comes from it’s potent mineral content and Fulvic acid. Minerals are everything in building up our body. Minerals are needed to build tissues, organs, bones, brain and for that matter the entire body. –You can take any amount of vitamins but without minerals in the body it is not of any use. The place where shilajit comes from is unique.

Himalayan region millions of years ago was home to thousands of different plant life. These plants grow in prolific manner. When they die they decompose during winter they get frozen and in summer time they form a thick black mineral pitch. In Russia shilajit is called as Mumiyo.

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banner5 In Russia shilajit is called as Mumiyo