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Dhanurasana  a.k.a., the bow pose, is a high energy pose. Imagine your body is like an archer’s bow ready to launch an arrow. This pose keeps your spine supple, tones your abdomen, massages your back muscles, strengthens your concentration, and decreases laziness. When in the bow pose, be sure to grab your ankles, not your toes or feet. If you can’t grab your ankles, simply bring your hands back as far as you can alongside your body. Move your hands toward your ankles, not your ankles toward your hands. Keep your elbows straight, not bent, and don’t lift your shoulders up to your ears—keep
them pressed down.

Lie on your stomach with your chin resting on the ground, arms extended alongside the body with the legs straight. Bend your legs back towards the hips, bring them forward and grasp your ankles. Inhale and raise your thighs, chest and head at the same time. Keep your hands straight. The weight of the body should rest mainly on the navel region. Therefore, arch your spine as much as possible. Exhale and return slowly to the starting position, by reversing the procedure. Dhanurasana provides good exercise for the arms, shoulders, legs, ankles, back and neck. It also strengthens the spine. It relieves flatulence and constipation and improves the functioning of the pancreas and the intestines. It should not be done by those with a weak heart, high blood pressure and ulcers of the stomach and bowels.


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